How to Apply

How to Apply

Application Flow for the E-Track Program

4-Year Bachelor of Arts / Science

Applying for E-Track is easy, with just a few simple steps!

  • Step 1

    Submit Your Application Documents
    1) Official Transcript
    2) Proof of (Expected) Graduation
    3) English Test Report (not Institutional Placement (IP))
    4) One Letter of Recommendation

  • Step 2

    Submit Your Application Online
    TIU Online Application System

  • Step 3

    Check Your Admission Results

  • Step 4

    Accept offer and complete payments

  • Step 5

    Submit Documents for Your COE Online
    (Click here for COE Flow)

  • Step 6

    Apply for Your Visa (Locally)

  • Step 7

    Come to Japan and enroll

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