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The curriculum of the E-Track Program enables students to cultivate a broad educational background and deepen their knowledge in specialized fields of Business Economics, Digital Business and Innovation and International Relations. E-Track also boasts small class sizes, creating stronger bonds between students and teaching staff.


The Digital Business & Innovation major is for students who want to work in the fields of digital business, marketing and IT. The graduates of today must be prepared with new types of skills that did not even exist in the recent past. This is why we've created a business major focusing on the digital era of today.


The Business Economics major is for students who want to work in the fields of international business or economic policy. In this major, students learn economics in a composite framework and explore ways of applying their knowledge in the business context.


The International Relations major is for students who want to contribute to international society from a global perspective. The central themes of the major include international cooperation and the nature and causes of conflict, poverty, and war.

Study Flow


Japanese and Japan Studies

Learning Japanese and developing a deeper understanding of Japan enriches students' lives in Japan. For students who hope to eventually get a job in Japan or work for Japanese companies in their home countries, a command of the language opens up a broader range of options for the future.

General Education

The courses of General Education aim to extend students' general knowledge while developing a strong academic foundation. By learning a wide range of interdisciplinary courses, students deepen their understanding on the fundamental human and social issues.

Study Options

There are a variety of study options at our E-Track Program to provide you with a sound foundation for a successful future. From study abroad to advanced degrees, there are countless benefits of being an E-Track student at TIU.

Curriculum Overview

An outline of the classes currently available in the E-Track Program and TIU's graduation requirements are shown in this section.


The E-Track Program is home to renowned instructors and professors who have graduated from prestigious universities from around the globe.

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